Solar Modules

PV modules are semiconductor devices that convert the light energy in electricity. They are composed of individual solar cells, made of crystalline silicon – semiconductor with natural electrical conductivity. Due to the properties of this material, in case of light falling on the cells, they produce electrical voltage. This process is called photovoltaic effect.

The product catalogue of STS Solar offers a wide range of modules in terms of types, power and manufacturers. This ensures optimum balance between price, quality and reliability.

Mono-crystalline PV module The cells of the mono-crystalline modules represent a single crystal with high purity. Compared to other silicon cells, they have the highest efficiency – of 12 to 17% in mass production. The required precision in the process of growing of one large crystal and the subsequent technological steps to increase its purity, significantly increase the price of these cells.

Poly-crystalline PV modules The crystal structure of their cells is composed of many separate crystals, with dimensions of about 1 mm. Their contact locations can be considered as defects in the crystal matrix, which leads to lower efficiency – from 11 to 15%. They are cheaper, due to the easier technology, used in their production.

Amorphous PV modulesThe cells of the amorphous modules are made of amorphous silicon (a-Si). The main feature of this material is that it transforms the light about 40 times more efficiently compared to the mono-crystalline silicon, which allows the use of very thin layers. The advantage of these modules is the significantly lower price and their high efficiency in diffuse light (cloudy weather), but they need increased space. The efficiency is a value between 5 and 7%.

PV Modules Partners

  • As a leading solar energy company worldwide, Suntech is passionately committed to delivering innovative energy solutions to our customers through a lasting partnership in order to build a brighter and sustainable future.
  • Schott Solar is an international technology group with more than 125 years of experience in the areas of specialty glasses and materials and advanced technologies.
  • Sinski Group is a large-scale private enterprise group which products including pv modules, solar powered products and etc.
  • Kyocera is worldwide producer of PV modules and systems.