374kW Ground mounted solar power plant


In operation since:29.06.2011
  • SMA
  • Huber+Suhner AG
  • Sinski PV
  • Alcomet
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The power plant consists of 2112 mono-crystalline modules type Sinski PV SPV 190M-24, forming 46 two line constructions with inclination of 25°. The generated electricity is fed to 22 inverters and to each inverter are connected 6 strings, consisting of 16 serially-connected modules. For the current project are selected SMA Technologies inverters, model Sunny Tripower STP 17 000TL. These are 3-phase inverters without transformers with two MPP trackers and inputs for up to 5 strings for MPP tracker А and 1 for MPP tracker В. Each is connected via CBT-c cable to properly sized circuit breaker in a total of 4 intermediate switchboards. The intermediate switchboards are installed on the panel constructions, and their connection to low-voltage switchboards of CCTS should be carried out with a САВТ 3х90+50 мм2 cable, laid in the ground.

The central monitoring and control device is „Sunny Web Box”.

The earthing system is built from a common grounding circuit, composed of galvanized steel bar 40/4mm, laid in the ground to a depth of 0.6 m. Earthing devices are installed – galvanized steel poles 50Х50Х5 mm, L=1500 mm and connected to the bar by welding. The connection of the grounding circuit with the structures is carried out using “U”-shaped bracket, which serves as a connection of the bar, structures and the aluminum supporting panel profiles.

Due to the fact that in the adjacent properties are built two more PV power plants, in order to reduce shading, a common lightning protection is carried out for all three power plants.

The external power supply of the power plant is carried out via the existing air line. On a steel lattice tower an outdoor disconnector 24/400 is installed, in a set with 1 pcs. Manually operated lever and surge arresters. A new CCTS was built in the property, with a switchgear room – 20 kV, transformer-room and low-voltage switchboard room.